Self-Paced OCE Program

Self Paced Program

Registered Training Organisations with “Certificate IV in Surface Coal Mining on their scope of registration can offer the OCE training.

Before enrollment, participants should demonstrate that they have the support of their current employer.  Typically a ‘letter of support’ from the site SSE advising that they support the participant in their endeavours to attain their Cert IV and OCE Certificate, by ensuring access to the site SHMS and key personnel etc.

Typically motivated self starters have the ability to enroll in a self-paced or external study program.  The self-paced program is where individuals enroll in the program and all the materials and information needed to get started is provided.  The participants complete the theory and the on-job components of the learning in their own time and submit them to the RTO for assessment.

The participants typically take anywhere between 1 month and 2 months to complete a unit of competence, from start to final assessment.  Participants are provided methods of contact and are encouraged to ask questions or seek clarity along the way.  Once a unit is completed the participant can request the next or subsequent unit of study.

Costs – Costs can vary.  Contact your preferred RTO for your personal appraisal

Other Services Available

Typically a RTO can provide all or some of the following:

  • Help learners determine/confirm their eligibility
  • Map learner’s current competencies – skills matrix
  • Develop learning path (in consultation with learner)
  • Facilitate Certificate IV learning
    (8 Core Units and organise other learning as/if required)
  • Help with preparation for law exam (provide feedback on readiness)
  • Help learner apply for OCE Certificate with Board of Examiners
    * Learner sits law exam (70% pass required)
  • Help with preparation for oral exam (provide feedback on readiness)
    * Learner sits Oral (70% pass in each topic required)

About the OCE Certificate

It is the Board of Examiners who determines your eligibility, then
– advises learner of result
– Issues OCE Certificate

The Board of Examiners needs to be assured that you are capable of performing the role of Open Cut Examiner at any open cut coal mine.  An important part of their consideration is an assessment of your practical work experience and the ability to verify your work experience.

The BOE needs to be comfortable that your experience and expertise is sound before granting you an OCE Certificate of Competency.  The information that you provide about your work experience provides the Board of Examiners with information to make a judgment on your suitability.  It is therefore important that you provide evidence to show that you are experienced in many of the systems and methods of mining in and around the open cut excavation.

The most important aspect of providing written evidence is to show your involvement in the application and monitoring of tasks by listing actual specific examples of what you have done, the equipment that you have used, the “date from” and “date to” on that type of work and the location in the mine in which you worked.

This forms part of your application for consideration when you apply for your Open Cut Examiners Certificate of Competency.


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