Basically there are three phases to becoming an Open Cut examiner.

Phase1. Be employed within the Black Coal Mining Industry and gain as much experience as possible within or around the Open Cut Excavation. Gain at least three operator skills (Competencies – Statement of Attainments) within a period of at least three years.

Phase 2. Study and attain any additional competencies required. There are quite a few (Up to 14 required) Keep in mind these competencies or Statements of Attainment have a shelf life of 5 years.
(Except first-aid and CPR) You also need to study the relevant legislation during this time.

Phase 3. Successfully complete two exams. The first is the law or legislation exam where a &0% pass is required. The second exam is the Oral, Scenario or ‘Put this into Practice’ exam. This is an interview style exam conducted by a panel of mining experts. The applicant is expected to demonstrate that they are knowledgeable and capable of fulfilling the role of an Open Cut examiner within the relevant state.

This is not a short term gig. This requires determination, commitment and support to complete in a timely manner.

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