Facilitated OCE Program


This program is offered to mining companies who wish to provide professional development to experienced surface coal mine workers. RTO’s are able to facilitate learning events for small groups of nominated participants at the mine site. The participants are lead through the theory content of the Core or Mandatory Units of study that are directly related to the role of an OCE either on site or off site. The ‘on job’ component is facilitated on site with the assistance of site champions and professional leaders.

It is recommend that participants have most other competencies prior to commencing the core units so that continuity of learning and then the sitting the exams is not interrupted.  This improves the success rate substantially. Please note that this is not an absolute requirement, however, improved results have been noted when this is the case.

The RTO can custom tailor a program to suit your business need. This can be full time, where the RTO provides a qualified Trainer / Assessor for 5 days to lead the theory side of the program and then the participants complete the on job activities the following week with the assistance on key site personnel. One unit of study can be completed each fortnight. Exam prep is commenced with the theory training and participants have a sound understanding to the Law Exam requirements at the completion of the program. It is not unreasonable for participants to complete their OCE Cert in 4 – 6 months.

A less intense version of the facilitated program could include, two / four days a month facilitated learning and then about three / four days a month for the on-job component.  The theory can be facilitated in a classroom (on-site or off-site) and the on-job component is done on-site under the guidance of a site representative and key personnel.  One Unit of Competence can be completed monthly.  So, around 8 months (or sessions) is required to complete the learning and then additional time if assistance with exam/s preparation is required.  If the participant has all the other necessary requirements in place it is not unreasonable to consider that a participant could achieve their OCE Certificate in 9 – 12 months.

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